How to Fill Out a Successful Rental Application


The way you fill out your rental application form tell a lot about your personality and can help you to get your desired rental property in a highly competitive market. Remember that you are not the only person eyeing that property and you need to make your application as pleasing as possible in order to get the attention of the property manager. Here are basic tips on how to fill out a successful rental application and increase the chances of getting your desired property.

1. Make Sure the Application Is Legible

It is very important to make your application as legible as possible. This is very crucial if you are sending a handwritten application. You need to make sure the application is in proper language and something that the rental manager you are writing to can read with ease. Remember that some rental managers get dozens of applications and they may not have all the day to read your application. A well-written and legible application can give the manager a positive impression about you, hence increasing the chances of you being considered for the property.

2. Make Sure You Have Filled the Application Completely

person-signing-documentIt is very important to make sure you have filled all the black spaces in the application form in a situation where the manager in charge of the property has issued a form to be filled. Every detail in the application form is very important to the manager supervising the property because it will help them to know more about you. You need to re-check the application and confirm that all the details are filled and nothing is omitted. You can even ask your friend to go through your application if you feel that something might be left out. The idea is to clear all the doubts before submitting the application. If you want to stand out as an applicant and get the rental property, read more at Schambs PM.

3. Reassure the Potential Landlord That You Are Financially Fit

Landlords are in the business of making money from their rentals and they would not mind some reassurance that the person renting their property is financially fit and will not have problems paying rent and other fees. You can mention in your application that you are ready to pay the rent, rental deposited and other fees that may arise.

4. Follow The Manager’s Policy and Never Question Them

Every rental management company has its rules that they expect their clients to respect. You can increase the chances getting the property you are applying for by following the policies of the manager in charge without too much questioning. If the manager is asking for some application fees, you should not question why he or she is doing so. Remember that you have no authority to teach the manager in charge of the property you want to rent how they should do their business. You need to be as humble as possible in your application.

5. Avoid Making Advanced Demands in Your Application

Property managers do not like tenants who are too demanding because they are likely to make their work difficult. You can increase your chances of being considered for the property you want to rent by avoiding making advanced demands in your application. After all, the assumption is that the reason as to why you are submitting your rental application is that you have assessed the property and you are satisfied with its condition.

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Property Management Challenges In Albuquerque

The Albuquerque real estate market is growing and property owners are making good money from their investments. The once underwater market is gradually recovering and very soon it will catch up with the rest of the country. It is worth noting that more people are now willing to rentallive in the city of Vegas and the population is rising. Consequently, the demand for housing in the city is on the rise. It is also worth noting that a good number of the people living in the city cannot afford to buy homes and rely on rented housing for accommodation. This has also made property management in Albuquerque a booming business because many investors owning rental properties hire professional to take care of their investments.

Additionally, property renters are using local property managers to find houses to rent. However, it is worth noting that it is not a smooth ride for real estate managers operating in the city. In fact, property managers in the city go through some of the most difficult times in the country. If you are looking for a local property management company in the area, click here. Only consider companies that have a reputable track record.

The following are the common property management challenges that many real estate managers in Albuquerque face.

Top 7 Challenges of a Rental Manager


1. Competition Is Very High

The biggest challenge faced by many property managers in the city is high competition. The booming real estate market has attracted both local and non-local property managers and competition is on the rise. The once stagnant market with very few property managers is now the home for many real estate managers from different parts of the country. This means that those planning to venture into the business of managing properties in the city have to up their game and beat the rising competition. However, foreign property managers are gradually losing business to local property managers.

2. Real Estate Clients Have High Expectations

The real estate market in the city is reviving and clients (both tenants and landlords) have more expectations to be met than in the past decades. This means that those planning to venture into the business of planning of properties in the city have to work harder than before to meet the ever increasing demands of clients. Property management in the city has become more hectic and stressing that before.

3. Cases of Tenant Disputes Are Many

The majority of the people who rent properties in the city are visitors coming from different parts of the country and do not understand how the local real estate market works. This has resulted in an increase in the number of tenant disputes, giving property managers hard time to deliver quality services to their clients.

4. Vacancy Rates Are Still High

Just like in other cities in the country, property managers in Vegas make money from the rent they collect from tenants. Ordinarily, property managers in the city get a percentage of the monthly rent collected as their commission. Although the city real estate is growing, cases of vacancy rates are still high and property managers are unable to maximize management fees commissions.

5. Some Properties Are In Bad Condition

Another major challenge faced by property managers in the city of Vegas is that fact that some properties are still in the deplorable situation and not attractive to potential tenants. Some rental properties do not have good lighting, have dry pipes and some of them have stayed for many years without major repairs and renovations. It, therefore, becomes very expensive for property managers taking care of them to do repairs and renovations before listing them. The sad part is that there is no assurance of getting tenants even after doing costly repairs and renovations.

6. Excessive Modifications on Rented Houses

The increasing demand for rental properties in the city has made many landlords to make more modifications to their houses so that they can take in more tenants and make more money. Consequently, some of the once spacious rental houses in the city are not small and cannot accommodate even a small family. This has made it difficult for property managers operating in the city to meet the expectations and demands tenants and make sure they are satisfied.

7. Changing Rental Management Methods

The nature of property management is changing in many parts of the country and Albuquerque is not an exception. The traditional property management methods are fading away and online property management methods are taking over. For instance, many property managers are now doing their transactions online. This means that property managers who are not able to change to contemporary and modern management methods are finding it difficult to do business.

Reasons to use Property Management in Central Florida

Investing in a rental property is considered one of the wisest investment options. Now that the real estate industry is getting back on its feet after the global economic crisis, you are likely to reap good returns from your property. Owning a rental property could be a fancy idea but it comes with its own sets of responsibilities. Like most people, if you too have a busy lifestyle then these responsibilities will turn out to be a burden. If you want to own a property but you do not want to be hassled by the associated responsibilities then you could hire a property management company. Here are five good reasons to use property management in Central Florida

Leasing Consultants

Because they average large amounts of prospective tenants calling in every day to their office, they dispatch their leasing consultants who make an arrangement to show rental homes daily. Their leasing consultants are trained in the skill of helping prospective tenants and leasing properties.

This consistency in showing competence, coupled with specified training means results for their rental property owners, not to mention an incredible benefit in time and savings to their qualified tenants seeking quality homes.

Professional judgement

Regular Rental Property Inspections

If you have confidence in that an image is worth more than a thousand words, then Video Taped rental Property Inspections are just ideal reasons to use property management in Central Florida as the rental  manager of your residential property. Since they began adding videotape to their home inspections.They offer peace of mind to rental property owners who wish to protect their premises as well as their tenants who desire to ensure the refund of their security deposits.

Superior Tenant Screening

In choosing the right tenants for your residential property, they believe that an ounce of prevention is worth ten thousand pounds of cure. Property managers want to make sure that their property owners get the caliber of tenants they deserve. That’s why they utilize rigorous screening process on every tenant. This assures that you have less headaches to deal with over the course of owning your rental investment.

Computerized Accounting

Great property managers in Central Florida use the top rental management software in the real estate industry.

In most cases, they process rents the exact day they collect them. Their property owners obtain a highly detailed monthly statement every month indicating all rental disbursements and revnues. They also provide their rental property owners with an annual summary statement, to offer to their tax accountants. Their accounting system also permits them to carry monthly payments forward for their owners, such as homeowners association payments, mortgage payments, or any other monthly obligation recurrence. They make rental property management easy as possible for their clients.

Guaranteed Tenants!

While tenants may not exactly be guaranteed, Central Florida property managers are very careful as to whom they rent to. They are aware that a troubling tenant may provide financial loss and many stressful situations. As a result they use their customized screening processes to ensure you always have high quality tenants in place that won’t cause you to incur financial loss.

Often times, firm have a policy in place that any resident placed by their firm who damages their rental for any reason, in the first six months, they will waive their customary renting fee and re-rent the premises to new tenants.

Property managers hard at work

Do not hesitate to hire a property management company in Central Florida to manage your residential property. On the long run, you will certainly save a lot of money. You will be able to keep the tenancy-free periods to the minimum, which in itself should be reason enough to use a property management company. When you do choose to work with one make sure that you are picking a reputed service provider.

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Challenges of finding Tampa Rental Properties

Tampa is a key business city in the country and the demand for housing is very high. The city’s population is on the rise as many people are now willing to live and work in Tampa. Consequently, the demand for housing is on the rise too. However, it is worth noting that not all people living in the city can afford to buy their own home. A good number of the city residents rely on rented houses for accommodation. This has made rentals in Tampa a very highly demanded commodity as tenants compete for the available houses. The following are some of the key challenges of finding rental houses in Tampa and its environs.

1.Finding a Reliable Property Manager to Help You Is Hectic

One of the biggest challenges when finding a rental house in Tampa is getting a reliable real estate manager to help you with the search. A good number of landlords in the city are yet to appreciate the idea of hiring a property manager to help them. More so, some of the property managers in the city are not competent enough to offer quality services and this makes it very difficult for those looking for properties to rent to get the necessary help they want from the city’s property managers. It is also worth noting that some of the city’s property managers are non-locals and they do not understand how the local market works. If you’d like a good local property management company try Advantage Realty Services – Tampa

2. Rental Rates Are Going Up Rapidly

The demand for both residential and commercial houses in the city of Tampa is on the rise and property owners are revising rental rates now and then to take advantage of the increasing demand. Consequently, rental rates are rapidly going up in the city and renters are finding it difficult find good and affordable houses. In fact, many people renting properties in the city are unable to afford house prices in the metropolitan areas of Tampa and prefer to rent in the city’s neighborhoods.

3. Some Once Residential Properties Are Changing Into Commercial

Another biggest challenge when finding a rental property in Tampa is that the once residential properties are now changing to commercial properties. The city of Tampa is known as a business city for many decades and the demand for commercial properties is on the rise. This has made some owners of residential properties in the city to convert them to commercial properties in order to take advantage of the shift in demand. It is also worth noting that commercial properties in Tampa have higher rental rates than residential properties and many landlords are quick to convert their residential houses to commercial houses.

Tampa commercial property

4. Too Much Modification to the Existing Houses

The size of rental properties in Tampa is another factor that has raised many concerns among tenants. Many landlords are doing too much modification on their existing houses so that they can take in more tenants and make more money. Consequently, rental houses in the city are becoming smaller and smaller and tenants are finding it difficult to find spacious rental properties to meet their needs. Some people in the city are renting two adjacent houses so that they can get the space they want. It is very unfortunate that rental rates are going up in the city and yet spaces are becoming smaller and smaller.

5. The Number of Properties Is Lesser than Demand

The number of properties available for rent in the city of Tampa is currently below the demand and competition is very high. This is because very few new houses are built in the city due to do lack of space. On the other hand, the city’s population is increasing and the demand for housing is on the rise. This has made it difficult for renters to find good residential and commercial properties to rent. Rental properties in some parts of the city are booked when they are still under construction and renters are paying huge money in the form of goodwill.

Tampa Home

6. Some Rental Properties Are In Bad Condition

The majorities of the property owners in the city are taking advantage of the skyrocketing demand for rentals in the city to avoid doing essential repairs and renovations because tenants have very limited options. Consequently, some properties in the city are in a deplorable situation and tenants are having a difficult time to get a well maintain rental house. Sometimes tenants are forced to do some minor repairs such as painting the house by themselves.

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Real Estate Business – A Matter Of Risk With Huge Profit

Real estate business is something that should be dealt with the intelligence to have success. The investment in the real estate business is a matter of risk. Though one can reach to the top with the business, if you are misleading in this matter, you might face a real grudge in this. If you are a joiner, you should be quite aware of the few facts relating to the real estate business. This article would tell you about the advantages and the risk factors in the matter of real estate business.

The Advantages Of Investing In The Real Estate Business

  • A longer term of business in real estate fields provides a good return on your investments. The returns are based on the equities. The returns on this field are quite higher when compared to any other fields.
  • The real estate investment shows complete correlation with the inflation’s. Therefore, when an investment is made over a longer period, it provides a good return. You get well paid off when you deal with a good patience and hard work.

  • In the real estate business, the property is distinct. The investment avenues are available for small as well as large investors. Therefore, you stand a good chance of achieving success whether you are a small or a large investor.

It has been said earlier that the real estate investment is associated with market risks. The risks of the real estate investment must be understood well. You should also deal well with them to make this work.

Risk Factor In Real Estate Investment

The risks in the real estate investment have to be dealt very carefully. Here are the few risks of investment that you need to learn.

The location of the property: The location of the property is a matter that is to be kept under consideration. The location of the building decides the market value of it. However, the attractiveness of a place must change over a long period. This might increase or decrease the market value of the property.

The Characteristics Of The Property

The physical structure that is its type and utility is very effective on the value of the building. For instance, an office or shop may change the value of the property.

The Depreciation Of The Value

All buildings have wear and tear. The wear and tear of a particular building may reduce the value of the same. The building may become less attractive over time. Therefore, it is also a necessity to sell out the property before it gets less attractive to the customers and the value gets lower.

The Lease Of A Property

If a property is given for lease to a good tenant, it is a good return for the owner. In case the tenant is not that good who would not maintain the property, the building may get wear and tear over a short period than usual.

These are the risk factors and the advantages of the Real estate business. One efficient investor must maintain a good balance between the risk and the advantages.

Hiring a Property Manager in Idaho Falls Made Me More Money

It is true that many real estate investors are discouraged from hiring professional property managers to take care of their investments because they believe that they can make more money if they manage the rentals by themselves. I too had the same perception when ventured into rental properties investment. Later on, I hired property management in Idaho Falls to help me after realizing that I could not maximize returns from my investments when doing the management myself. Just to encourage other investors out there to hire qualified individuals to take care of their investments, here are the fundamental ways on how a property manager made me more money.

1. Collecting rent became easy and convenient

One of the most difficult tasks, when you choose to manage your rental properties, is collecting rent and rental deposits. I personally lost a lot of money from rent defaulters because some tenants could vacate the houses without my knowledge. However, when I hired a professional to take care of my investments, I no longer had cases of rent defaulters. Consequently, I have been able to maximize my rental income and accumulate more wealth.

2. Vacancy rates became minimal

Initially, my rental properties could stay for even five months without tenants because it was very difficult to find and convince potential tenants to occupy my properties. However, things changed tremendously when I hired a property manager to help. My manager marketed my properties intensively to potential tenants and none of my houses has ever remained vacant for more than a month without a tenant. As a result, I have been able to maximize my rental income and make more money.

3. My manager has helped me get better deals

When I first ventured in the real estate investment, it was difficult to determine where properties were gaining value fast and where demand for rental properties was high in the city. Consequently, I ended up acquiring some properties in areas where demand for rentals was quite low and houses were very expensive. However, everything changed after hiring a professional property manager to help me manage my investment. The manager has really helped me to acquire properties in areas where demand for rentals is high and houses are affordable.

4. Cases of unsatisfied tenants are no more

Initially, I used to lose many tenants on the basis that they were not satisfied with my services. This is because I lacked adequate knowledge about the local market and specific demand and expectations of the local tenants. However, I no longer have cases of unsatisfied tenants after hiring a professional local property manager to help me. I have some tenants who have stayed in my houses for over five years and I have enjoyed steady rental income for many years.

5. I can concentrate on other productive activities

When I was managing my rental properties myself, I had no time to venture into other productive activities and make more money. I used to spend most of my time moving from one property to another to attend to tenants’ needs. However, I no longer have to spend all my time attending to tenants’ because there is someone to do it on my behalf. I now have more time to concentrate on other productive activities and make more because, something that was not possible in the past.